Feed the Addiction!
Whether you're in the mood for  a classic Ronnie Burger, or you want to spice it up with a Frisco or Beanie Burger, or if you want to add on grilled onions and jalapenos , there's a Ronnie Burger to satisfy any appetite.
Ronnie's Burgers creates three diffrent size burgers. A Small Burger is created on a 3" toasted bun with a 4 ounce fresh "never frozen" hamburger pattie,  A Medium Burger is created on a 41/2" toasted bun with a 6 ounce fresh hamburger pattie, and a Large Burger is created on a 51/2" toasted bun with a 9 ounce fresh hamburger pattie.
All three burgers can also be created as a double or triple beef burger.
Unless you specify different toppings, each of our classic burgers are topped with mustard, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles.
                             SMALL     MEDIUM     LARGE       
BURGER                 3.55           4.80           6.50

DOUBLE                  4.75           6.50           8.10

TRIPLE                    6.05           8.70           9.50

Cheeseburger         4.55           5.90           7.50

Burger                     4.55           5.90          7.50

Our Classic cheeseburger topped with salad dressing, fritos, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.    SOOO DELICIOUS!

Once you've tried our Beanie Burger you'll be addicted!

Burger                    4.55           5.90          7.50

Our Classic cheeseburger topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and chili.
Build Your Own Ronnie Burger


Yellow mustard                           Honey mustard
Mayo                                         Ketchup
Ranch                                        BBQ Sauce
Buffalo Sauce                             Lettuce                    Tomato                                      Onion            
Grilled onions                             Pickles


American Cheese                                             .45

Pepper Jack Cheese                                         .65

Cheddar Cheese                                               .65

Melted Cheddar                                                 .75


Bacon                                                            1.00

Chili                                                                 .75

Refried beans                                                   .65

Fried pickles                                                    .75

Jalapenos                                                         .25

Onion Ring                                                       .65
With tasty sides like seasoned french fries, onion rings, and tator tots.......the hardest decision you might have to make all day is deciding which one.
                                      REGULAR            LARGE

French Fries                        2.19                    2.59

Tator Tots                           2.19                    2.59

Onion Rings                         2.99                  3.89

Fried Pickles                                   2.99
Served with ranch dressing

Add on  Chili and Cheese
to french fries or tator tots.                             1.50 
tacos / nachos
Crispy corn tortillias smothered in spicy ground beef, fresh lettuce and cheddar cheese along with large orders of  nachos in several combinations.
Taco                                                                  1.19

3 Tacos                                                              3.49

Taco Baskets
Tacos with fries
Small (2 tacos)                                                        3.99

Large (3 tacos)                                                         4.79

Cheese Nacho                                                    2.99

Bean Nacho                                                      3.39

Meat Nacho                                                       3.69

Combo Nacho                                                   4.49

Taco Salad                                                        4.79
Substitute taco meat with grilled chicken.
For a lighter lunch Ronnies grilled chicken sandwich is tasty and hits the spot. Chicken tenders with country gravy or all white meat chicken nuggets oh yeah!
Grilled Chicken Sandwich                                   4.99
Topped with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Chicken Strip Basket                                           6.95
4 chicken strips, fries, country gravy and texas toast.

Chicken Nuggets                           
Choose sweet n sour or bar bq dipping sauce.
6 piece                                                              2.89
9 piece                                                              3.59
20 piece                                                            5.79
Nathans famous all beef hot dogs on a warm bun
or spice it up with chili and cheese.  State fair plump and juicy corn dogs.
Hot Dog                                                             2.19
Mustard and onions on request.

Chili Dog                                                           2.49
Mustard and onions on request.

Corn Dog                                                           2.19
Mustard on request.

more stuff
Steak Finger Basket                                          5.95
4 steak fingers, fries, country gravy and texas toast.

Steak Sandwich                                                 4.99 
Chicken fried steak on a bun topped with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Steak on Garlic                                                  4.99
Chicken fried steak on texas toast topped with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Grilled Cheese                                                  2.19
Buttered texas toast with melted american cheese.

Frito Chili Pie                                                    3.59
Fritos topped with chili and cheddar cheese.
Onions and peppers on request.

Fried Bologna Sandwich                                   3.99
A fried 1/4 inch slice of bologna with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onion, and served on a toasted bun

Fish Sandwich                                                   3.99
4oz North Pacific cod lightly breaded and fried with tartar sauce, lettuce and served on a toasted bun
Variety is not a problem at Ronnie's Burgers. so here are a few more things to choose from so that even a family of 20 can find what they want.
drinks  Free refills when dining in.
ice cream shakes
kids meals
Coca Cola® Fountain Drinks
Small (16oz)                                                      1.85
Med (20oz)                                                        2.00
Large (32oz)                                                      2.25

Cherry Lime
Small (16oz)                                                      2.00
Med (20oz)                                                        2.10
Large (32oz)                                                      2.35

Small (16oz)                                                      1.90
Med (20oz)                                                        2.05
Large (32oz)                                                      2.30

Sweet  and unsweet.
Small (16oz)                                                      1.85
Med (20oz)                                                        2.00
Large (32oz)                                                      2.25
Hand dipped Shakes and Malts
Oak Farms Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla
Small (16oz)                                                         2.75   Med (20oz)                                                           3.75
Large (32oz)                                                         4.75

Served with fries, 12oz drink, and a sucker.

Hamburger                                                        3.49      
Cheeseburger                                                    3.69

Chicken Nuggets                                               3.69

Grilled Cheese                                                  3.49

Kiddie Burger (only)                                           2.49

Hand dipped Oak Farms Ice cream on a Keebler cake cone or in a cup.
Oak Farms Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla

Single Dip                                                       1.89
Double Dip                                                      3.19
Triple Dip                                                        4.19
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